Dr kulsoom malik

Dr Kulsoom Jawaid Malik completed her training as Clinical Psychologist from the University of Birmingham UK. She is currently the Director for the London Psychology Centre and Head of Psychology Department UMT Sialkot.


M. Ali Jawad is MS qualified Clinical Psychologist from University of Management and Technology, Lahore with wide range of experience in the domains of special education, orphan’s NGO and school settings for 5 years and more than 1 year excelled as visiting lecturer in UMT Lahore Campus.

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Urdu leaflet on depression...we would love for you to share our public awareness leaflets ...

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Urdu leaflet on OCD for public awareness....please tell us what you think ( we love to hear feedback) ...

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2 days ago

London Psychology Centre

Please help us in sharing our information for public awareness...keep checking our page for updated leaflets ...

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We get many emails every day asking about internships. We always so no...here is our reason

To directors/founders/ceos/ of mental health organisations in Pakistan - please STOP keeping people on free “ internships” to overcome your lack of funds or staffing issues, to increase your profits.

I am referring specifically to “internships” for qualified psychologists who have completed an ms in clinical psychology. You can not justify you are providing “ training” hence no pay - when you provide no support and supervision. Expecting a qualified psychologist to work for free is unjustified.

London Psychology Centre promises to always pay their psychologists- with ongoing supervision support and training. We need to put an end to this.

Psychologists you are worth more than this. Work for an organisation that values you. Even charities and ngos have funding. No one should have to work for free !!!

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