Dr kulsoom malik

Dr Kulsoom Jawaid Malik completed her training as Clinical Psychologist from the University of Birmingham UK. She is currently the Director for the London Psychology Centre and Head of Psychology Department UMT Sialkot.


M. Ali Jawad is MS qualified Clinical Psychologist from University of Management and Technology, Lahore with wide range of experience in the domains of special education, orphan’s NGO and school settings for 5 years and more than 1 year excelled as visiting lecturer in UMT Lahore Campus.

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How to identify when one's Depression is setting in.... Use this as a checklist to help identify where your loved one is at... ...

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Message from our founder Dr Kulsoom Jawaid Malik

In 2015 I graduated from my doctorate in Clinical Psychology. At the time I was married with two children- my youngest came a year later.
As a British Pakistani, raised in a somewhat traditional household, I always knew I wanted to do something different. I watched my parents develop their own business in which my mother was an active and equal participant in their success.

I learnt from an early age that woman CAN be successful ( academically/through their occupations) AND still fulfil cultural/societal duties such as getting married, having kids, cooking desi food 😜 etc.
I remember my dad saying β€œ don’t do a PhD...no one will marry you”. Looking back it makes me laugh. Fast forward 10 years later and on my graduation my dad and my father in law were my biggest cheerleaders.
Without much persuasion my parents respected my decision to pursue further studies. I also waited to marry a man who valued my desire to study ( I actually got my admission to my doctorate 3 months before my wedding - so I was a student for the first few years of our marriage). I have In law’s Alhumdulillah who helped me through my degree. My mother in law ( who is the best) supported me through my pregnancy and looked after my son so that I could continue my studies). I could have never done it without her.
My reason to share this, is to say that you can be and do anything that your heart desires. Just make sure you find people who share the same values as you.

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A really good example of meta cognitions by a really amazing comedian Jeremy McLellan Comedy ...

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Focus and change thinking pattern during self-isolation. Please share it to spread awareness in our community and stay positive in these tough times. ...

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